Ayurvedic Self-Oil Massage for Self-Love and Healing

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ABHYANGA (self-oil massage) 

“The hand contains all healing qualities; gentle touch brings wholeness” - Rig Veda 

The Practice: 

Abhyanga is the Sanskrit word for Ayurveda massage. Self-oil massage has many important benefits to the health of the body and the mind. It is usually practiced in the morning as part of healthy daily routine. The benefits of Abhyanga are related to the oil properties and the physical touch. 

The Benefits: 

  •  Stimulates lymphatic system and Improves immune system function 
  •  Relieves fatigue and stress from work and overall life 
  •  Nourishes the skin, prevents dehydration and strengthens nervous system 
  •  Stabilizes the mind 
  •  Calms and relaxes the mind and body. Reduces insomnia
  •  Reduces injuries to the body by keeping muscles and joints fluid 
  •  Helps build Ojas (vital energy)
  •  Improves self-esteem and self-love 

The How: 

The oils that are used for self-oil massage are based on the dosha that a person is trying to manage or reduce. Each of the oils selected below have special properties that help bring the dosha back into balance and in doing so restores and renews the body-mind. 

VATA = Sesame, Almond 

PITTA = Coconut, Sunflower 

KAPHA = Safflower, Mustard 

1. Place dosha specific cold-processed, organic oil into an 8oz glass bottle. 

2. Boil a pan of water. Remove pan from heat and place 8oz glass bottle in hot water to warm oil. A baby bottle warmer works great too! 

3. Use warm oil for massage. 

There is not a systematic order to massage the body. However, it can be helpful to follow the following guidelines: 

VATA = Use a larger amounts of oil and massage from head to feet. 

PITTA = Use smaller amount of oil and massage from head to feet. 

KAPHA = Use a smaller amount of oil and massage from feet to head. 

Do this practice daily and notice how the benefits listed above can improve your quality of life allowing you to come home to your vibrant self!! 

  • Fire

    As fire enhances willpower, find inner strength and personal transformation based on kindness and unconditional self-love. Find your own personal balance - be strength and softness.

  • Air

    As air is dynamic movement, learn how to use this movement to shift old habits and serve your Higher self for a conscious and awake life.

  • Earth

    As the Earth is stable, create a consistent foundation for practicing yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation. Embody a vibrant and spiritually connected life.

  • Water

    As water must adapt, learn how to flow with and accept changes, manage stress and reduce anxiety. Ride the waves of life with equanimity, deep trust and love.

  • Ether

    As ether surrounds us, create space to grow and develop on all levels – mind, body, spirit. Find connection to the wisdom of the universe within.